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Comment from: megaPierre [Visitor]  

Nice findings - I think you can add an option that will make Flyfishing in Barbarian Village number 1 in speed. Yes - speed. You will loose cooking xp and food if you use this option but my concern is speed.

Just go to a F2P-world, have a few k of feathers and a fly fishing rod in inventory and start fishing. Normally you find loads of players wanting your raw salmons and trouts so just trade anyone when when full and give them away. No banking, no cooking, no walking - plain powerfishing.

20/04/07 @ 14:16
Comment from: mohammad [Visitor]

if you want to become a member send your user and password to the main jagex address for runescape: rune[removed][email protected] i know it sounds silly but I tried and got a membership for 1 year, and guess what for FREEEE!

27/04/07 @ 02:43
Comment from: $0C0MZ 3L1T3 [Visitor]
3 stars

If you cut the leaping fish while barbarian rod fishing you will find that you wont need any bait, also you failed to mention that when you catch the fish you get agility and strength xp, also cutting them will give u cooking xp, as well as make bait(roe & caviar), within an hour you should have received 50k fishing xp, 8k cooking xp, 4.5k agility xp, and 4.5k strength xp, which leaves any other fishing method in the dust…..

05/04/08 @ 01:42
Comment from: mepop [Visitor]
4 stars

socomz you noob dont slag him off u got it wrong, he meant fly fishing at barb ville not barabrian fishing at otto.

20/01/09 @ 20:14
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4 stars

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