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Comment from: Urssaf [Visitor]

Steve, you should add that the better telescope you have, the more accurate time you will have. Magohany give a 2 minutes windows…

10/11/08 @ 16:51
Comment from: steve [Member]

Urssaf thanks for that gem of information.

I had found that out myself from a player I was mining with yesterday, probably about the same time you wrote the comment, I had to train a construction level to get one but I am going for 80 in all stats as a goal, I now have 78 construction, just high enough to build a mahogany telescope with a gilded cup of tea and a magic saw.

11/11/08 @ 11:02
Comment from: Lord Admiral Static [Visitor]

78 Construction… You don’t need 84 Construction to build a Mahogany Telescope…

Make tea & use your Crystal Saw… And you can put one in at level 78 Construction….. (As already noted)

Or… With Evil Dave’s Stew (+6 Bonus) and your Crystal Saw.. You can put it in at 75 Construction….

27/06/09 @ 22:58

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