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Comment from: bill [Visitor] Email
hey dude i read your thing about barrows i'm a lvl 75 with some good stats but i wanted to know if you could give me some tips plz get back to me!!!
10/04/07 @ 02:39
Comment from: heatfan3690 [Visitor] Email
how do i get more kill count coz i kill the monster once adn then ig ot back to the tomb and their nothing so i just go to the tuneel help me out and tell me how to get high kill count thank you :)
19/04/07 @ 21:44
To get a higher kill count you simply need to kill the monsters in the tunnels, I tend to just kill ones that get in my way as I run around, they soon add up.
24/08/07 @ 16:14
Comment from: brad [Visitor] Email
it may sound pointless and time consuming, but if you get your kill count to 200 you consistently get armour and weapons. (at least for me)
22/11/07 @ 23:15
Comment from: Miniclip1 [Visitor] Email
this is rubbish what u have posted i went in and got 1300 kill counts still i only got mindes and bloods its completely random apart from ifyou get
a high kill count then you unlock the ability to find armor were if u have a low kill count u will always get weps or runes
03/02/08 @ 14:17
Comment from: david (runescape name: frophet) [Visitor] Email
ok i have 3 questions

1.which barrows is best for me i have 70 def 70 attack 70 strength (i have 7.7mil)(excluding guthans)

2.if i just use 1 part of each barrows armor is that good?

3.i have 7million 700k$ should i buy a barrow armor?
06/02/08 @ 00:01
Comment from: jonah [Visitor]

Hey i wanted to know some other good weapons to bring and armour because i am half dead after killing each brother with no food left abd i'm wearing veracs??
21/03/08 @ 14:38
Comment from: josh D [Visitor] · http://www.runescape massive.com
i am lvl 68 with 61 attack 58 str 47 defence i think runescape is changed but i want to know when to kill barrows please answer back!!!
30/04/08 @ 17:53
Comment from: rayomi=rs name [Visitor] Email
im a lvl 81 wit 69 atk 65 str 61 def 52 rng 43 prayer and 52 mage iv done barrows b4 and i wanated to no if i cud do it without using up all my prayer pots i take 6 of them but my freind the same lvl can use just 3 or 4 its costing me a fortune if u have any tips on how not to use so many or how to get rmur or weps easier plz let me no ty
25/06/08 @ 12:24

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