Do people really fall for it? Jagex mod scam attempt, failed.

I had an interesting series of PM’s the other day as I was mining in the living rock caverns.

I missed a screeny of the start of the conversation which read something like, you have been reported for scamming and you will be banned unless you give me your username and passsword.

So what do I gain by giving my user name and password? will they just forget about it and let me carry on?

If he could not work out my username then he wouldn’t be able to get a job as a toddler let alone a Jagex mod.

I did not reply to any of his threats because I did not want a confrontation, I did not ignore either because I found it funny.

Unfortunately I didnt get the 2 and 1 minute warnings so he either got banned or realised that a level 138 with 2404 total level isnt foolish enough to break the rules and get banned or hacked.

There is another random player who keeps asking me how much cash I have, I guessed it was him on another account but I have no proof, I do not speak to random players unless they appear to have an IQ higher than a gerbil.

There are so many people scamming, luring and hacking that players must get caught out or they wouldnt do it, I guess its everyones job to educate the younger or inexperienced players now it has become a fact of everyday life.

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