Doubling money up to 2m

Doubling money the most obvious of scams appears to be the most productive.

I stood in the GE watching the double money scams, there are lots of scammers doing the double money scam, I counted 5 scammers in a small section of the GE, I know its not funny but to watch what can only be described as fools ignoring loads of people saying its a scam so greedy that they ignore the warning for the promise of great wealth.

In a 5 minute period I saw 5 people get scammed 3 of them having friends do false trades to add  a degree of honesty to the scammer, all of the scammed players traded cash, you can always tell when they have traded cash because the money doubler logs out directly afterwards,  the last scammer I watched before posting this had the cheek to say “wow scammed 509K” then logged.

This is the most obvious scam for many reasons, why does the scammer not have loads of cash if they can double money? why do it for others? even if they are quitting why do they want to hang around to be nice to players? if they can double money they can be reported for bug abuse and banned.

Luckily for the scammer there are so many scammers, bots and rule breakers that Jagex will never be able to regain control so the chance of getting banned is remote, even if they do get banned they have probably transfered their ill gotten gains to their main.

I have always supported Jagex’s ban on publishing scams on the forums to prevent people copying, but anyone can go anywhere to learn the scams that it is pointless now.

Just a note, a member of my clan traded with a scammer doubling 100k, the scammer traded 200k back expecting to get a higher offer next time but my friend said thank you and went on with her business, this was funny because the scammer got stitched up but one of the scammers I observed in the 5 minute period logged out with just 20k, only try this if you are prepared to lose the cash, you may be able to swindle more cash out of the scammer if you look wealthy.

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