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Comment from: hzrd 2 hp [Visitor]
I have the very same problem some days i hit my max many many times then 0 after 0 after 0 to the point of me logging out for the day however i found now this is not proven keep in mind that if you would hop when having this "dry" streak that i came back and was hitting my usual high hits try this out and get back to me.
26/02/09 @ 04:32
Comment from: Austen [Visitor] · http://gmail.com
i agree with you on the slayer task. sometimes i hit fantastic, although only 40 slayer and 66 strength, i wear a black mask and use my dragon battleaxe. i usually hit 19's but with my mask, lately, i have been hitting 22's like crazy. but then i logged out to eat dinner. after logging back in, i kept hitting like 7 and 0. that was pretty much it. and like you said, all of my days are bad drop bad drop, or bad clue reward bad clue reward. i'm sick and tired of getting an adamant crossbow and a death rune or something stupid like that from my clues. if you want to look me up, im bluefire119. my brothers consistently gets fantastic rewards. we usually do level 2 clues, so we get that stuff. in two days, my brother did about 4 clues and got about 10m. he got ranger boots, multiple zammy pages, and a zammy cloak! i get 2 addy crossbows and 10 deaths. another clue i got 12 natures 13 chaos, and 16 deaths. another one, i got freaking a black dagger and black legs. my brother did a level 1 and got a 60k willow comp. i am so mad that he always gets the good clues and i never do. out of all my clues, about 300 or so, i have gotten and addy (g) helm and green chaps (g). the chaps were 396k and the helm was like 130k. that does not even compare to the 6.5m ranger boots he has gotten. all of my clues added up do not compare to that. he had been saving up for a santa hat for a few days. then he got it. then after he bought it, he had 11k left. after about 2 hours of playing he already had 1.5m this was just recently. i always do clues and fight all kinds of great monsters. as a matter of fact, i was fighting tzhaars, i fought about 500 and got nothing but tokkul and a few gems... and of course about 150 obsidian charms. i made the birds....anyways, on the first one my friend killed, he got an obby cape! i never got anything from them! i dont care how rare they are, i got nothing!
i am so angry at these bad drop bad clue rewards...if at all possible, cani get a little better of a drop? please!
24/03/09 @ 19:14

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